Shop safely online

Tips on how to shop safely online


Online shopping is a quick and convenient way to buy any product you can imagine. Although there are several risks of shopping this way,
if you know how to identify a secure online store and know how to protect yourself you should be able to shop with confidence.

Here are 6 tips to help you shop safely online:

1. Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues that have used the same online shop before. Reading online reviews to see what other customers have experienced may also help you make sound judgment and save you from the worst.

2. Look for a lock/SSL certificate

Lookout for a padlock on your address bar when online shopping, this is commonly seen in the payment stage of an online store. This means the website is using an HTTPS connection, which makes it safe to shop knowing that your information is kept private and secure.

3. Keep your computer and browser up to date and use antivirus software.

Security software notifications, like your antivirus, are very helpful, they are a good reminder to keep everything in check, and alert you before entering insecure sites. Do regular app updates to lessen the risks of vulnerabilities that can be exploited, this is an essential line of defense.

4. Check your bank statement

Regularly checking your bank statement will help you identify any unauthorized debit transactions on your account. You can request your bank to alert you for purchases over a certain amount.

5. Be aware of email scams

Email scammers can send out viruses and malware in a gift or special offer. Don’t open emails or attachments from someone you don’t know, or a site you haven’t visited before. If you’re tempted by an offer, do some research before clicking on any unreliable links.

6. Create a unique username and password

Having a unique username and password is essential for protecting your identity and ensuring your data is secured, if your password is easy to crack, it puts your accounts at risk of being hacked.

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