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What is Facebook Business Manager? Many people who use Facebook for business don’t use Facebook

It may be your Facebook Business Page, but your audience is on social media to socialize, have fun, relax, gossip and ‘chill-out’. Too many businesses make the mistake of creating posts with their business in mind when in actual fact, it should be the other round. Here’s a blunt fact; no one cares about your business except for you. Your clients are looking out for their own needs and interests. You need to find out what your audience enjoys, like and want.When it’s all said and done, a Facebook page is just the beginning. The key is to stand out, to appeal, to excite. Just like on your website, know your audience can really slow your momentum. The goal with Facebook is to stay at the top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds and news-feeds.

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Latest news & resources to keep you informed and inspired