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Facebook for Business - We have 3 secrects...

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If you are an admin or business owner with a Facebook Page, there’s a high chance you are facing frustrations with low page engagement and slow social growth. It seems that no matter what you post or do, no one bothers with your Page at all.
While it is true that organic reach is on a decline, and you are expected to pay Facebook to get your ensure your message gets delivered to more people, there are still ways you can optimize your Facebook Page to reach your fans.
Today, we’ll expose 3 secrets about Facebook Business that no one told you about!

Secret 1

Facebook Mastery - 3 secrets about Facebook for Business
It may be your Facebook Business Page, but your audience is on social media to socialize, have fun, relax, gossip and ‘chill out’. Too many businesses make the mistake of creating posts with their business in mind when in actual fact, it should be the other round. Here’s a blunt fact; no one cares about your business except for you. Your clients are looking out for their own needs and interests. You need to find out what your audience enjoys, like and want.

Businesses that continually tout their own products and services are going to lose followers quickly – as social media is truly about starting or making valuable, interesting contributions to online conversations. Your fans don’t want to hear about you all the time.

So, what what’s a to businesses do? In most cases, only 10% of your Posts should be set aside to promote your products or services. The rest of your content should be your own content, guides and relevant third-party content. You need to create value and be a resource to your followers and the best way is through content. There’s no short cut and it’s a long-term commitment, but the payoff will be worth it.
You also need to remember that people use FB because it’s fun (and, yes, because it’s informative and interesting). As a business, you can still have fun and be professional, so be the ‘brand’ that people love to share among their friends and families.
When it’s all said and done, a Facebook page is just the beginning. The key is to stand out, to appeal, to excite. Just like on your regular website, lacklustre content, poor visibility, and few attempts to reach out and get to know your audience can really slow your momentum. The goal with Facebook is to stay at the top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds and news feeds.

Secret 2

Facebook Mastery - 3 secrets about Facebook for Business
Think out of your business when creating content. What gets you interested in reading when you are browsing FB in your personal capacity? What kind of content gets your attention? Then look back at your own boring business Posts… that’s why you are not getting any engagement!
Your Posts doesn’t have to be very long or complex. You could start a Poll, or ask a simple question to get your readers to respond to you. Simple questions could be like, “Which do you prefer; A or B?” Or you could provide a ‘life-hack’ Post about how to repurpose old furniture, gadgets or clothes. Posts that can make your readers go “wow” or “why didn’t I think about that?” have a very high chance of being shared. Or you could start an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session once a week where your fans can ask you anything about your business or services. But do make sure you have all the answers at hand or it could do more harm than good. And sometimes, it could be a good idea to go a little personal; you can write about how the office staff is donating to a charity or how your employees spend the weekend or even some funny industry-based news that’s worth sharing.

The thing about Facebook is, it’s all about people and as well know, people are unpredictable. What works for another Page, may not work for your Page, so feel free to experiment. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Facebook. You might quickly discover that people on your page don’t respond as well to one method (say, video) as they do to something else (such as questions and surveys). Don’t force it. Experiment, but once you discover what’s working, do more of that. You need to be willing to ‘play’ with Facebook. Try different things, features and don’t be afraid to test new features but do make sure that whoever is managing the Page must have the expertise to know what they are doing and make sure all writing is checked for spelling errors and get all facts correct. The last thing you want is your Post to go viral for the wrong reasons!

Secret 3

Facebook Mastery - 3 secrets about Facebook for Business
Don’t just stop at Facebook… Think of Facebook as the gateway or portal to your website. While it is great that your fans are commenting and liking your posts but your ultimate aim should be to guide them to your website (or wherever it is that you want them to convert into a lead). So, how do you do this?
  • Share original content from your site – leveraging landing pages on which contacts can fill out a form in exchange for a downloadable offering, such as an eBook, case study or infographic.
  • Hold contests or giveaways ON your site instead of FB—just use FB as a way to announce and promote the contest.
  • Post blog articles or other links back to your site over the weekend. (Not every company allows their employees to be on Facebook at work.)
And the most important reason why you need to drive traffic to your site is this – you are relying on a third-party (Facebook). While the prospect of Facebook shutting down tomorrow is very slim, the very fact that you are relying on a third-party means you are bound to follow their terms and conditions, no matter how unfavorable it is to you. Remember when Facebook Pages had great organic reach and Facebook just changed the rules of the game? Who’s to say what Facebook will implement in the future?

As a final note, don’t be afraid to try unconventional ideas
so that your message on Facebook can really stand out from the ‘noise’ that’s generated daily.

A version of this article was first published on fbookmastery

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