Email Only Hosting – how can it work for you?

What is Email Only Hosting?

How can it work for you?

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Email Only Hosting  – It is an excellent way to improve your business image during those first stages, and assists in saving money in the process. When your company is growing and you need additional email addresses, then this is the perfect package to start with.

The benefits of Email Only Hosting

  • Email Only Hosting – improved privacy and protection – Tired of all those ads in your FREE gmail / yahoo / hotmail inbox? With email hosting you can say goodbye to them. Our Email Only Hosting package comes with virus and spam filtering.
  • Email Only Hosting rather POP – Is there anything more annoying than a full Inbox? We strongly advise that your account be setup as POP on your mail client, this will also ensure that all emails are on your PC and available at the click of a button.
  • Email Only Hosting is scalable – Your Email Only Hosting can grow with your business. When your website is live and business is great, you may find you need to employ more people. If this exceeds the number of email accounts available on your Hosting Package, you can simply take out an Email Only Hosting package that will cover these additional members.
  • Email Only Hosting provides better performance and uptime guarantees – Free email accounts are generally hosted overseas and, as they are “free” they do not offer customers uptime guarantees. Email Only Hosting through a reputable hosting company like Vinet Internet Solutions aims to please. We offer 99.99% uptime and advanced performance, stability, and security, so you can rest assured that your email accounts are in the best ‘hands’.
  • Email Only Hosting encourages client trust – Free email accounts have the tendency to get sent to the recipient’s Spam or Junk folders, especially if you have sent multiple recipients the same email. Boost the credibility and authority of your emails with Email Only Hosting from your business’ domain name.
  • Email Only Hosting is affordable and includes free extras – From as little as R275 per year you can get 5 email accounts for a specific domain with Vinet Hosting Services, which includes various free services.

What can Email Only Hosting do for you?

For Individuals & families
A private email account is not just useful for businesses but can also be utilized by individuals or families that want to improve privacy and protection for their sensitive correspondence and data. Free emails usually include advertising and limited space. Now you can communicate freely at an affordable cost through your own private email account without the limitations of a free email account.

For Start-ups, SMEs & Corporations
So you’ve got the domain name but your website is only scheduled for Phase 2… Does this mean you have to wait to communicate with prospective customers, investors, or important individuals, or worse – make contact with them via a free email address?  Don’t tarnish your ‘first impressions with them. Rather sign up for an entry-level Email Only Hosting package and add credibility to your company, brand, and the emails you send.

Large corporations with high volume email traffic and additional staff can also benefit from an Email Only Hosting package, as it means that their email server storage won’t ‘compete’ with their website’s hosting space. Splitting the hosting over the two avenues ensures efficient performance for both.


At Vinet, we offer the best in local hosting. Our Email Only Hosting packages offer customers free email SSL, anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, as well as access through a Control Panel and Webmail. Packages start from 5 email accounts. We have the right package for your needs, some of which may even qualify for a free domain name*.

* Ts and Cs apply.


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