Support methodContact methodAvailable timeRestrictions / need to knows
Telephone (voice)021 007 0200Mon – Fri 8am -5pm
Sat 8am -12 noon
Voice / Telephone support is only available in times specified.
E-mail (text)[email protected]Mon – Sun 7am -9pmTicket number will be assigned to your request and in normal circumstance reply would be handles within 60-90min
021 007 0200Mon – Sun 7am – 9pm(BETA testing mode, if you receive no reply after 60 min, please email our support desk – we depend on the WhatsApp for business API and communication not always guaranteed, due to the nature of and method of using Whatsapp, it may be that we are busy with multi chats, please allow reasonable response time)
Vinet Internet Solutions
Vinet Internet Solutions
Mon – Fri 8am -5pmFacebook support is only available via messenger in times specified.